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Dr. John Edge established the town of Edge in 1890, and it initially thrived along with the cotton industry. The town grew and at it’s height Edge boasted a pair of General Stores, a drug store, post office, doctors office, garage, veterinary office, schools and churches.

Now more than 100 years old, the Edge General Store at the Corner of FM 974 and Edge Cut off Road, has found a new life thanks to the hard work of Ron and Teresa Bordeau. When Ron and Tersesa bought the store in 2007 it had been abandoned for almost 40 years. Having grown up in the area Teresa set about restoring the building to ensure the preservation of the historical site that has meant so much to the community over the years. Buying the property was just the beginning of a six month renovation project. As Ron began the renovation he found the building in pretty good shape, structurally sound and in need of a good clean up. The front porch was rebuilt and a restroom added. A highlight each year in Edge is the Rompin’ Stompin’ Street Fest that brings the community together. Its’s a day of music, food and fun for the whole family. 2013’s event is scheduled for Saturday November 16.

The Bordeau’s are always looking for old Edge photos or other historical items about Edge so if you have something to contribute call them at 979-589-3539 or email us at edgegenstore@gmail.com.